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Application Of Statistical Tests

Application of Statistical Tests 

  • What are statistical tests?

A statistical test is a tool that allows you to make quantitative conclusions about a process or set of activities. The goal is to see if there is enough information to "reject" a theory or hypothesis about how the process works. The null hypothesis is the name given to this idea. If we wish to act as if we "think" the null hypothesis is true, not rejecting may be a desirable consequence. Or it could be a disappointing outcome, indicating that we don't yet have enough evidence to reject the null hypothesis and "prove" something. Baghdad Edit provides journal services and they also excel in application of statistical tests in Baghdad, Iraq.


  • What is the purpose of these tests?

A test statistic is a number that describes how much the relationship between variables in your test differs from the null hypothesis of no association.


The p-value is then calculated (probability value). If the null hypothesis of no link were true, the p-value estimates how probable it is that you would see the difference specified by the test statistic.

You can infer a statistically significant association between the predictor and outcome variables if the test statistic's value is more extreme than the null hypothesis's statistic. If the test statistic's value is less extreme than the null hypothesis, you can conclude that there is no statistically significant association between the predictor and outcome variables. It is necessary to rely on a trustable journal service for proof-reading. Baghdad edit provides  proof reading of scientific academic articles in Baghdad, Iraq.


  • When to perform these tests?

Statistical tests can be performed on data that has been obtained in a statistically valid manner, such as through an experiment or observations made using probability sampling methods. Your sample size must be large enough to approximate the true distribution of the population being investigated for a statistical test to be valid.

To figure out the statistical test to use, you'll need to know the following:

  • whether your data is consistent with particular assumptions
  • the kinds of variables you're working with.

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