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Journal Formatting and Proof Reading Services

Baghdadedit offer professional & affordable Journal Formatting and Proof Reading Service for professors, researchers, students in Iraq. Most scientific papers follow a particular type of formatting as it provides a more synchronized and organized way of presenting information in a well-sought-out manner. This not only increases the readability of the whole paper but also its impact on the reading audience. By following the correct labels and tables the person going through the paper can easily navigate through it, finding the information that is the most relevant to them. Appropriate font choice with the correct letter size, everything is followed while drafting your requested paper.

The whole scientific community mostly prefers papers that are present in an up-tight format as it allows the papers to have a very decent and professional look. By focusing on all such aspects we create the journals and papers you need.

For example, in preparing an original research article

  • What you provide
  • Topic
  • Main objective / Research question / hypothesis
  • Methods (in details)
  • Data
  • Statistical analysis (optional)
  • Treatment
  • Follow up
  • 1 or 2 relevant paper
  • A suggested target journals

What we provide

  • Extensive literature survey
  • Writing the full writing
  • Construction of tables and figures
  • List of references
  • Statistical analysis (on request)
  • Formatting according to target journal guidelines (optional)


By writing your ideas down in a professional fashion we introduce your scientific thinking to the reader in a more technical manner. Placing the appropriate jargon wherever possible, a boost to your research is given with the help of a correct and clear writing approach. Without any clarity in the content of the paper, the readers will find it hard to read or even understand and thus all your hard work might go to waste. We make sure that your intentions and research gets exhibited in the paper with the utmost clarity so that anyone can easily read it.

Terminology and Language Used

To display the objective of your research it must be integrated with the correct terms and language. For explaining a good scientific paper, if the right words are not used and instead a more layman language is used to describe the whole process then it would look like that an amateur has written the paper. To avoid such things, it is crucial to give gravity to the kinds of terms and words being used in a scientific paper as most of the readers will also be from the scientific background, hence, it will be easier for them to derive the best out of your writings only when it is using the right expressions and phrases.

Proofreading of Journals

Proofreading is like providing the final polish to your work in making it look immaculate and perfect. Sometimes the documentation may contain very minuscule mistakes, but such mistakes can also cost a lot many times. If you don’t want to take such chances then you must get your papers checked by a professional proofreader who has the expertise over the area in which the research paper has been written. Proofreading is also considered as the final stage of drafting a research paper, here the grammatical errors, inconsistencies in the content, and everything is checked, therefore, we do not recommend any researcher ever skipping this process.

We have editors with master’s or Ph.D. degrees and expertise in the research area who can help you with your proofreading and make you edit your drafts into perfect research papers ready to be published.

Carrying Out Biostatistics

When you can backup your research papers with good statistics, then there are higher chances of your work getting noticed. But not all of us are blessed with special laboratories at our homes and sometimes not even in our college that is equipped enough to perform the experiments related to our thesis. Under such circumstances, we provide the assistance you need by carrying out the experiments and analysis you need to make the arguments of your research stronger.

Our team consists of people that are well-qualified and have years of experience in the field of biostatistics, which will provide you with precise data that will cater to all your needs.

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